This Fireman Refused To Stop Praying, So Atheist Mayor Does THIS To Him

Over a year ago, Atlanta’s Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran wrote a book called Who Told You That You Were Naked?, which outlined his Christian faith. Before writing the book in 2013, Chief Cochran had previously left Atlanta to work for the Obama Administration.
In the controversial publication, Chief Cochran encouraged young black men to discover Jesus and be responsible. He encouraged them to get married and stop sleeping around, and he all forms of premarital sex ranging from homosexual intercourse to bestiality.

The book was on shelves for a year before it was discovered, and now the Chief has been suspended from his position. According to Mayor Reed of Atlanta, the Chief was fired for writing the book without permission. Reed also complained that Cochran distributed the book to employees, although Cochran maintains he only distributed the title to employees that ask.

Most prominently, Chief Cochran was criticized for his statement that his top priority as fire chief is to “cultivate its culture for the glory of God.”

Now, the Chief is unemployed.

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